Ocean Breezes


Ocean Breezes, Knitted Scarves Inspired by the Sea, written by Sheryl Thies.

Dive into a new knitting adventure and discover the ocean's purls, and knits! From themes of sea foam and starfish to mermaids and turtle tracks, these 25 gorgeous scarves and shawls will inspire you to test the waters.

Expand your techniques with simple yarn over patterns, twist and crossover stitches, and fancy ribs.

Some of the patterns are: Adriatic Sea, Goldfish Tails, Green Sea Turtles, Gulls over the Bay, Ocean Currents, Sea Cucumbers, Starfish on the Beach.

These distinctive scarf and shawl designs range from dainty and lacy to classic, cozy, fashion-forward, and fun.

Paperback, 78 pages.

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