About Us

Once upon a time there was a farm near Charlottesville, VA, full of sheep and llamas with an occasional goat or turkey, maybe a steer thrown in. Children "ran" with the lambs and baby goats, generally keeping busy with 4-H projects and life on a farm. Dan tended the garden and fruit trees, Caroline decided to turn fleeces into sweaters and our Carodan Farm Wool Shop was born. The children grew up, moved away, and then there were grandchildren racing about the farm.

The Blue Ridge Mountains next to the farm were beautiful to behold but also had a dark side for us - coyotes and finally bears, who viewed the farm as their smorgasbord. Dan and Caroline quickly grew tired of feeding the wild animals, and after 34 years, decided to sell the farm and move to Chincoteague Island, VA. From the mountains to the ocean! Quite a move! but no more smorgasbords and the "beautiful land across the water" holds its own share of delights, namely being closer to our families.

So, find our shop on the Island at the end of Horseshoe Dr. You won't find any animals, just lots of beautiful natural fiber yarns as well as the hand dyed Chincoteague Colors yarns.

Look how our family has grown!

Bottom row: grandchildren Clara, Emily, Fisher, Elise
next row: Joshua, Madeline
and the rest from left to right:jaina holding JD, Naaman, Caleb, Caroline, Nathanial holding Elouise (who wants out of this craziness!)

The photos at the top of our web pages are from the farm, and you will find on the walls of the shop many photos featuring the grandchildren and sheep at the farm Our goal is to offer you the best in knitting supplies as well as prompt, friendly service. Thank you for taking an interest in our business.

The Hersheys