Spinners Lace Shawl


Design by Evelyn Clark. This reversible garter stitch lace shawl celebrated Arachne from Greek mythology and Spider Woman from Hopi and Navajo legends, ancient symbols embraced by spinners, as well as weavers, lace makers and other needle artists. The shawl is knit from the center back neck down, and the simple Spider Lace flows into a Spider-in-a-Web border and edging. The Spider Lace repeats over 10 rows, so it is easy to memorize, and the border can be started after any multiple of the 10-row repeat, making it easy to customize size. This shawl looks great in wide variety of sizes and weights of yarns, and beads can be added to the last edging row if desired. Materials: 600 yards light weight mohair or sport weight wool, size 7 needles (24" circular suggested.)

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