Mirasol Yarns

Peru's hertitage and culture of textile artistry is one of the richest in the world. Without the shepherds tending their animal in the peruvian highlands we would not have this beautiful luxurious yarn. By purchasing it you are supporting the children of these shepherds and the continuation of this tradition. A portion of every purchase is dedicated directly to the funding of a school in the remote area of munani in the region of puno.

The Mirasol Project is named after a young Quechaua girl who, with her brother, tends 350 alpacas at the Mallkini Ranch in Peru. The owners, Michell and Company, have always had the well-being of their employees uppermost in the running of the ranch and with that in mind came a way of supporting their employees in the long run. That was the impetus of the Mirsasol Project. The goal is to do something to redress the balance between rich and poor nations. The solution is to take a percentage of every sale of Mirasol Yarn and invest it in the establishment and running of a boarding-house for local children. The proposal is focused on an infant and child-care program and after-school support for older children so that the alpaca shepherds’ families at Malikini have a secure place where the children can develop their potential. The boarding- house will be built to provide accommodation, meals and health-care and support the children with their school-work.


The Mirasol Collection Book Two by Jane Ellison.


Designs for the Mirasol Collection by Jane Ellison.