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SoXperience 2017



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Brutal, cold winds off the Chincoteague Channel did nothing to damper our spirits or our delight at the instruction delivered by Nancy Shroyer. She led us through the designing of our own fairisle socks. Some of us, like me, were busy talking and missed the fine details the first time around. But, a little tinking and we were good to go.

A trip around the room showed so many different designs chosen from the workbook Nancy provided. Imagine a conference room full of knitting bags of sock yarns, and you'll understand how we ended up with such a wonderful collection of started socks. Of course there was one over achiever who finished her complete sock. We won't name names Jackie. And then there was the llama lady who figured out the design and has llamas "running" around her sock. We've got your number too, Melissa! So, fun all, learning and designing and chatting and knitting and chatting. Wonderful!

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April 13-15, 2018
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