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SoXperience 2014

Lorilee Beltman traveled all the way from Seattle, WA, to Chincoteague Island to teach us new techniques for adding color work to not only our socks, but most anything else we are knitting. Actually we were limited only by our imagination.

We made samples of zig zags and stacking colors on top of colors, added lace stitches, what Lorilee called a caterpillar stitch which was a stacked purl stitch which looked like beads traveling on your knitted surface. There were more samples to show us how to utilize this technique and many of us have begun the Meander socks and the Blips wristlets which can be viewed on Ravelry and in the SoXperience group on Ravelry.

What a wonderful time of learning and sharing with other knitters.

Oh, and see how they are all laughing, looking expectantly? They were hoping for one more backward step by Caroline so she would join the ducks in the Chincoteague Channel. Not nice ladies!

Click on the image to view photos of the Retreat.  
We are looking forward another
SoXperience in 2015.
Check back early part of next year for description
of workshops to be offered.