Leg Warmers


Oat couture pattern for leg warmers.

Keep your legs (or arms!) warm with your choice of these three styles of leg warmers: pattern knit, plain knit, or lace knit.

Instructions are provided for knitting in the round or back and forth on straight needles.

Knit in dk, worsted, or chunky weight yarn.

About 8 1/2 (10 1/2, 13)" in circumference, 17" or 21" long.

Sizes Small (8" circ) Med (10" circ) Large (13" circ)
Yarn requirements, DK wt 285 350 430 yds
Yarn requirements, Worsted wt 250 305 375 yds
Yarn requirements, Chunky wt 210 265 325 yds

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