Louisa Harding - Accessories Collection


A collection of eighteen designs for hand knitted accessories.

Gardening Mittens

Finished hand measurement above thumb: 8in.

Materials: Kimono Angora 1 ball, for contrast 1 ball Kimono Ribbon

Size 5 and  needles

Moss Stitch Hat & Lace Scarf

Hat fits average female head (22"):

Materials: Fauve: 2 balls, size 10 needles

Narrow Lace Scarf:


Kimono Angora: 2 balls

Size 15 needles

Flora Hat

Hat fits average female head (22")


Impression: 5 balls

Size 3 & 6 needles

Frill Scarf

Size: 6x63"


Impression: 2 balls and

Kimono Ribbon 1 ball

Size 6 straight & 7 circular needles.

Button Wrap

Size: small = 39.5x12"

Size: medium = 44x12"

Size: large = 49x12"

Materials: Impression 4 balls and

Sari Ribbon 2 balls

Size 10 needles

Woven Scarf

Size: 5x59"


Kimono Ribbon: 2 balls and

Kimono Ribbon one ball for contrast shade for weaving.

Size 10 needles

Wide Stripe Bag & Beret

Bag: 15x10"

Materials: Kashmir Aran 3 balls each of two colors and 1 ball Sari Ribbon.

Size 3 & 7 needles

Striped Beret: fit average female head

Kashmir DK one ball each of two different colors. Size 3 & 6 needles.

Easy Peazy Bag

Size: 11x12"

Materials: Sari Ribbon 2 balls

Size 15  needles

Embroidered Bag

Size: 11x12"

Materials: Fauve main color 3 balls

Kimono Ribbon for embroidery - 1 ball.

Size 10.5 needles


Size: average female hand, 8 in above thumb

Materials: Impression 1 ball

Size 5 & 6  needles


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