KnitXperience Lite


March 6 - 8, 2015
Conference room at the Chincoteague Island Motor Inn
Chincoteague Island, Virginia

It's KnitXperience LITE or Low Impact Techniques for Everyone.


Shake off that winter malaise that seems to grab us by gathering with a group of knitters to relax with your current knitting project, share tips you’ve picked up, and even expand your useful knowledge of knitting while enjoying knitters’ chat. Sound like fun? Read below for what we’ll be discussing this weekend.

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How many ways can one stitch be used to create so many different looks? We'll be exploring these this weekend.

lite-color.jpg  Friday night begins at 6 pm with intros. (5 pm for those who have purchased dinner.)
And then it’s off to the Carodan Farm Wool Shop on the Island for a time to browse & shop just for Lite participants. After we have shopped 'til we drop, it's back to the conference room hopefully with energy to show your current project or one (or more) you just finished. Wind down the evening with a relaxing Knit-In and catching up on news from fellow knitters.

lite-color.jpg  Saturday let's look at what a slip stitch is and how it is formed. Then feast your eyes on the many models we have of the resulting constructions using this stitch. Yes, it is a slick stitch, creating geometric patterns, vertical and horizontal striping as well as being used in cabling and so many places you really have not thought about.

lite-color.jpg Saturday afternoon we will choose one or more of the patterns that caught our interest and give slip stitch knitting a try.

lite-color.jpg Sunday morning will consist of trying our hand at continental and Portugese knitting. These methods of knitting are handy to add speed to our knitting.

lite-color.jpg   We’ll send a Materials List to registrants.

lite-color.jpg   Meals
Many of the restaurants on the Island close for the winter and don’t reopen on regular schedule until April. We know that you will be traveling Friday afternoon, so are offering, as in the past, to obtain soup and/or sandwich for you for dinner from Sea Star restaurant on the Island. We will order a variety of sandwiches and soups for you to choose from. Please register below if you would like this provided. (Sales Tax is included in the price you see.) If you have a special request, such as vegetarian sandwich or soup, please indicate on your order form in the comments box provided there.

Would you like to have dinner together at a local restaurant Saturday night? Please indicate below if you are interested so we can reserve seating. (The entrees are around $20 and are not included in your registration fee.)

lite-color.jpg We like to keep our Retreats small, so space is limited. Register today.
Registration fee: $45 for the weekend from Friday evening to Sunday noon.

Register for KnitXperience Lite, Fee is $45.00

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Register for sandwich Friday night, $7.32 add to cart 
Register for soup, Friday night, $7.32 add to cart 
Register for drink of the day, Friday night, $1.82
(this is usually a mix of fruits with pomegranate, etc and it is large)
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Register for lunch, Saturday, sandwich $7.32
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Register for drink of the day, lunch, Saturday $1.82
(this is usually a mix of fruits with pomegranate, etc and it is large)

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Yes, I would like to have dinner at a restaurant with other knitters Saturday night. This is not a charge but simply to get a number for

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lite-color.jpgMake lodging reservations directly with the Chincoteague Island Motor Inn by calling: 757-336-3141. Please tell them you are with the knitting retreat to receive the great rate they are offering us.

lite-color.jpgCancellation policy for this Retreat. Please find someone to take your place if you find that you cannot come as there is no refund after registering for the KnitXperience Lite Retreat. If you cannot find someone to take your place, please let us know as there is usually a waiting list. Thanks!