Hedgerows and Thatched Roofs


Pattern written by Jacqueline Jones.

While not a very common sight in the twenty first century my intention with this asymmetrical shawl is to reflect childhood memories of woven hedgerows and thatched cottages and the craftsmen who provided me with such wonder and enjoyment. This led to the choice of the Fractured Lattice stitch for the hedges and roofs and English Mesh Lace stitch (both from Barbara Walker’s books) represents the flowers always found along hedgerows and in country gardens.

Carodan Farms Tides Gradient 6-PAK yarn provided the ideal colorways and fiber for this project. This yarn pack contains 6 mini skeins and the design is intended to give the knitter the choice of which color to place in the English Mesh Lace segment. In addition the choice of yarn color order is up to each individual - light to dark or dark to light.

The pattern is designed for intermediate to advanced knitters. However, a separate swatch section is provided to assist the knitter with the stitch patterns which include both lace and twisted stitches. In addition the Fractured Lattice pattern requires moving stitch markers on right side rows to maintain the pattern repeat and the swatch gives additional instructions on this technique.

Materials: one 6-PAK of Chincoteague Colors Tides Gradient yarn, 725 yds. Size 6 circular knitting needles at least 32" for main body.

Size: upper edge - 92", lower edge - 64"

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