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About Us

When we bought our farm in 1976, we thought, oh wow, we have land, and promptly filled it with two of every known animal. That glorious beginning did not last long. After realizing what we had done, we settled on sheep as our special animal and now raise Romney sheep, adding llamas as guard animals.

As our three children have grown, they have served in many different capacities on the farm. Their favorites of tractor driver, chain saw operator, weed-eater operator have been frowned on at times depending on the speed and expertise they were using. All three are married now with families of their own and living some distance from us. However, they all still take part in the business. Sarah is our test knitter, web-site editor, Melissa is a knitting instructor with us as well as designer, and Christian is our building designer/construction man helping Dan with the barns and whatever needs to be built. Dan is the shepherd in the family and any questions concerning the sheep should be directed to him. You will likely meet one or several of our family members at various shows.

We started our wool business in 1980 just selling our own wool. Expanding over the years, we now offer a full range of natural fiber yarns, blends of these yarns, and knitting supplies. With the great interest in knitting socks, we have now added a diverse selection of colors and weight for those knitters. We teach classes on the farm and workshops for  SoXperience which is hosted here every June.

Our goal is to offer you the best in knitting supplies as well as prompt, friendly service. Thank you for taking an interest in our business.

Bottom row: Mark, Melissa, Sarah, Bridget
Second row: baby Caroline, Dan, Caroline, Ben, Christian
Caleb, Nathanial, Jaina, Naaman

The Hersheys