Bamboo Yarns

Bamboo is just a grass but what a grass! It can grow to over 100 feet tall. It grows in jungles to high on mountainsides. It is used for food, construction material, kitchen utensils, musical instruments. Your neighbor may even grow it as hedge between your properties. Let's hope not because one of its properties is that it can spread exuberantly, fast becoming a problem in other areas. And it is now used for yarn.

It is one of the most beautiful new yarns on the market and a very renewable natural fiber. There are two ways of making yarn from bamboo. By distilling it into cellulose after harvesting and then spinning it into yarn. The other method is by processing the bamboo grass stalk and combing the fiber strands from the actual plant itself.

Bamboo yarn is perfect for warm weather wear as it makes a garment that is light weight, breathable, and cool. The drape is lovely and spun bamboo can have the look and feel of silk. And it is naturally antibacterial which does not wash out.

Try one of these beautiful yarns for the perfect next project.


Bamboo yarn from Sirdar.