Yarn Tasting Right Here July 19th

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Don’t miss trying these fabulous yarns!

Our Yarn Tasting (no we don’t put it in our mouths just on our needles!) is scheduled for July 19th from 10-12am. The fee is $5 and as you can imagine, it takes some prep work on our part to get ready, so we are asking that you preregister by Wed., July 16th.

The lovelies that we will be casting on with are:

  • yarns from Ella Rae such as her Chunky Merino Lace, a yarn called Seasons,  Cozy Alpaca, and a funky one called Pompe with pompoms all over it.
  • Chincoteague Colors yarns: the complete line with a couple of new ones you haven’t seen yet!

Free patterns will be available for these yarns.

Register early as we have limited space, bring several sizes of needles and a little bit of appetite for some tea and scones.

It will be fun to try out yarns you never experienced before.

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