Woe is Me

Posted by Caroline Hershey

How many times have I reminded customers to make sure and use a lifeline? Well, here I am working merrily along on the Reciprocate by Romi, a perfectly lovely shawl, in the Summer Silk yarn. And low and behold, inches in, approaching the end of a row and not enough stitches. I’m looking and looking to find the error. Back and forth searching, taking out, mind has gone into la la land apparently, stitch falling off dropping a couple of rows, anguish! And NO lifeline. What in the world was I thinking. Like this is a simple pattern that you can retrace your steps easily? So…with many sighs I pull it out, all those inches. Have begun again AND there is a lifeline. It is always a hard lesson to learn. Do check out Romi’s pattern. It’s beautiful and the Summer Silk yarn.


Bragging here on our newest additions to the Hersheys. Spent this past week with the family helping out and getting my snuggles in. Welcome JD and Fisher.



Earlier in the week, checking out the beach during all these storms to see the damage, and found this Monarch on the beach. Didn’t know that we could help, but picked it up out of the sand and put it back in the grasses. Hopefully after drying some, getting the sand off its wings, it headed off to southern climes. Dan said that Friday there were tons of Monarchs out there since the winds had diminished.


Call or email if there are colors you want in the Chincoteague Colors that don’t appear on the website as being in stock. Afraid we are holding back for the Rhinebeck show coming up.

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