What A Day!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Perfection was handed to us.

Dan and I went kayaking yesterday, heading out from the Municipal Park across the Assateague Channel. We were busy enjoying the beautiful weather, trying to paddle across the channel before a motor boat took us out, and then looked up to see two mares and their foals grazing on one of the grassy mud flats. So I pulled out my camera. NOT! I still cannot take a camera in the kayak. Visions of it sinking into the mud and oyster shells always keeps my hand off it as I head out the door. But, it was a camera ready moment. Sweet little foals dancing around their moms. We paddled further taking in the oyster catchers, terns, tricolor heron doing a shadow dance herding minnows, egrets, lbj’s (little brown jobs as Cathy calls them). And there standing actually above us on the grassy spot was a band of about a dozen ponies. Oh for my camera! I eyed the sand bar toward NASA while eating lunch at Little Beach. Dan said don’t even think about it. It’s miles not the little bit it looks. What an absolutely fantastic day!

The other Saturday we had International Knit in Public Day at Reed park and I demonstrated finger knitting and arm knitting. Sarah took me up on trying it and had pretty good success.


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