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Posted by Caroline Hershey

Knitting Two Socks on One Needle

When we finished with the last post illustrating knitting two socks at one time, we had all the stitches cast on the Addi Turbo needles. Next we need to knit across the first sock, drop the yarn from that ball, knit across the second sock, turn your work, knit across the other side of the second sock and knit across the other side of the first sock. The socks can get pesky at this point, trying to flip around, so that you are looking at the yarn on the needles wondering which end is up and where do I knit now?

 Look at these photos to help you with the sequence of knitting the stitches. First Sock First Stitch


  • Knit across sock one
  • Drop that yarn








 Second Sock First Stitch

  • Pick up the yarn from the other ball 
  • Knit across sock two.









  • Turn your work,
  • Knit the rest of the way across sock two,
  • Drop your yarn, pick up yarn from sock one,
  • Knit across sock one.

Now you have finished one round on each of the socks. You could try this once or twice just to familiarize yourself with the flow of knitting across and turning your work. Otherwise, you should be doing the ribbing, K1 P1, or whatever ribbing you desire. On such a small sock, K1 P1, seems the best. A rib of K1 P1 has the greatest amount of draw-in as described by Ann Budd in her book, Knitting Socks. She likes to actually work a K3, P1 which she says gives the look of plain stockinette knitting, but still flexible. For me, on an adult sock, I like the K2, P2 rib. Everyone develops a favorite.Ribbing Two socks

Here is the ribbing of the two socks

as it appears on the one set of Addi Turbo needles. I like to continue the ribbing down the front of sock onto the top of the foot. It makes for a nice fit.


See that little blue safety pin type dealy. Those are nice to put on your socks when you first are doing the rib. They keep your stitches from twisting all around the needles. I only have one left on here because I needed the other for another pair of socks, of course.)


The next installment will be the heel of the two socks on one needle. Stay tuned!

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