Two At A Time

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Melissa did it! Knitted the two Norwegian Mittens during the workshop that Beth Brown-Reinsel was conducting. We all watched as she pretty much kept up with everyone else and marveled at the fact that she didn’t get the yarns all tangled. She did say the thumbs were problematic with the tangles. She was close to having them finished when the weekend was over, and I received an ecstatic email not too many days later with the photo of two complete mitts. Made me feel pretty bad that my ONE is still incomplete. Nothing like showing me up daughter mine!


The wind howled this weekend and we hunkered down waiting it out and sulking that we couldn’t enjoy the outdoors. However I discovered these beauties on our deck that the wind had deposited. Have you seen these gorgeous leaves this fall? Our bald cypress has turned a coppery brown and if you click on the leaf photo, you’ll see some of the leaves.


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Thank you! Very, very prompt! I received it yesterday.

Austin, TX

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