Time Flies!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

I can’t believe that we are rapidly approaching Christmas and I still have photos from the last Knit Knight on the farm to post. Yes, we did move, here’s ye ole Mayflower coming to get the shop. mayflower
Didn’t take a photo of it leaving because that was after Dan fell off the ladder trying to do something to the back end of it and I wasn’t feeling too kindly toward this van. Silly how you can credit inanimate objects with responsibilities. Anyway, as you can see, danDan is on the mend and I have “stuck” him with computer work now that I have one of his feet nailed to the ground for a while.

 We are making our home temporarily with Melissa and Mark in Georgetown DE until our house and shop are built on Chincoteague Island. Our son, Christian, has designed it all, so we are pretty excited about it. Just taking much longer than anticipated. And through it all, knitting has been the constant, maybe just a few rows squeezed into an after lunch break, but still a stress reliever.

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