The Socks Without End

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Josh cast on for this pair of socks using the magic loop. Ahhh, success, no problem there. Then he knitted and knitted the leg of the sock. Is this sock looking a little large? Oh, what the heck. I’ll just keep knitting. Oh wow! this heel is a little baggy do you think? I’ll just keep knitting. Oh my gosh! This is the sock without end!

Never one to let a sock beat him, Josh ripped it out and began again, this time with needles several sizes smaller and comparing foot and sock many times over. AND SUCCESS!

Josh has a super measure of perserverance!

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  1. Marylou Hobbs Says:

    Egad ! This is not far off what I did on the last pair I knitted. I had to rip them out 3 times.

    Happy holidays !

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