The Continuing Saga of Blue Ridge Blue Socks

Posted by Melissa Abbott

 For SoXperience this year, one of the classes was an original sock pattern from Edie Eckman. She incorporated a crochet motif into the pattern, beginning our socks as usual and then adding the motif (which we completed in the morning class) as we went along.Blue Ridge Blue Socks motif

Not being a skilled crocheter, I cheated and had my flower motifs made for me! (isn’t that just awful? But I really would still be working on that thing now as we speak!) It worked up rather quickly and it was exciting to fit this squarish lacey flower thingy into my sock. I’m excited to see what the results will be, once I’m done.

To give you the details. . .the yarn is Claudia’s Handpaints – Blue Ridge Blue, and the solid is a coordinating color from Claudia. Another fun tidbit from SoXperience – mom tries to feature local businesses and people – Claudia is from Harrisonburg – just over the mountain from the farm – I’ve used her yarn before and it’s wonderful to work with!
After SoXperience ’08 – we took a day trip up to Six Flags NJ – lots of car time = lots of knitting time for me! This is where I was starting the trip. . .Blue Ridge Blue Socks leg
And so I wanted to be a ‘good’ instructor and utilize some of the new techniques I had taught my class this year. I decided to use one of Cat Bordhi’s heels in this sock. (I already changed this from Edie’s original pattern – mine is 72 sts. instead of Edie’s 56).
Of course – after Six Flags – I knit all the way to the heel – ready to go and then realized that according to the New Pathway book – I needed to begin my arch expansion waaaaaaay before getting to the heel (I was at 6 inches now for the leg!) GRrrrrrr. Out come the needles and RIP away! Unhappy me.
OK – now I’m back on track – have followed the Cedar Master Pattern for my arch expansion – had 72 sts. – needed to increase her way to 108 sts. total. Began thinking that this was using up a little more yarn that I thought was ok – but I’m all for a new concept – don’t stop now!
Now at the heel turn – lots of page flipping – will have to remember to photocopy pages next time! Was tickled that I made it through and popped those bad boys on my feet – OH NO!!!! well, take a look for yourself!Blue Ridge Blue Heel
Oh waaaaah! (this is the part that now I call mom and vent and whine that I did all this work and it looks like I have elephant legs!!) wahhhhhhh. VERY unhappy me now.
These socks are quickly becoming a not so fun thing to work on! Here we go AGAIN – RIP it out – not only the heel, BUT aaaaallllllll the way up the leg to the beginning of those arch expansion increases! Mom and I discussed this at great length and neither of us can figure out why it looked that way when I was done (the picture in the Pathway’s book does NOT look like that!)
So. . .back to what I know – work 6 inches down the leg, heel flap and gusset pick-ups and decreases. Grumbling all the way.
Did I mention that I finished one other project and started and completed a second project while all this was going on??? Needed a distraction!
Blue Ridge Blue Socks Completed8.2.08
Here we are today with relatively normal looking socks – just need to finish them now. They will be nice once they are done – love the colorway – but the path to get here was frustrating!! Need to shake the sand out of them. . .they’ve been traveling to the beach these last couple days!
All done and loving the sock – not sure I want to wish for cooler sock weather just yet – still shaking the sand out of the socks! Maybe next time I will sit down and try to crochet the flower motif myself! (a big maybe!!)

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