Surely This Was her Idea of Kitty Heaven

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Our kitty is in the habit of a dash thru an open front door which she did and screeched to a halt with her jaw dropping open. There, spread before her, were robins splashing around in the garden pond, little tiny birds flying with abandon in and out of the feeder, blue jays rooting around in the debris on the ground and a squirrel sizing up the situation. It’s been many years since she did anything but play at stalking. Not since she dragged a squirrel up onto the deck, slung it at the door with all associated matter coating the house. Our horror must have been telegraphed to her because we haven’t seen a repeat.

Denise has been up to her usual – turning out beautiful knitted pieces by the bushel it would seem. Take a look.


Sleeveheart Shawl using Silk Garden Sock yarn.


Anitka using our Chincoteague Colors Cove collection-one of our new colorways.

beaded-madron-laceMadrona Lace with beads.

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you are my saviours. this is the second time you have saved my crazy knitter's inspiration so you are elevated to yarn goddess!!

Julie from CA

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