Snow on Chincoteague

Posted by Caroline Hershey

We woke up to snow falling which was a little distressing but gave me a reason to hunt through my stitch patterns to find something a little “springy.” Found this one… crocus buds…which was exactly what I was looking for. What do you think of it?

The camelias are still beautiful even though a little droopy with the weight of the snow. We are continually wowed with the incredible camelias here on the Island. Many six feet tall or higher just full of bloom.

2 Responses to “Snow on Chincoteague”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Can you keep the camelias in bloom until we get there in two weeks? I love the crocus buds pattern. What are you making with it? I want to see what the pattern is when I get there. See you soon.

  2. caroline Says:

    Not a problem to keep some camelias in bloom. They are in all stages of flower. Snow did a number on some but most are still beautiful. I thought I would use the crocus buds for a scarf but the yarn I was using was too heavy. Will search out another yarn for what I had in mind.

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you are my saviours. this is the second time you have saved my crazy knitter's inspiration so you are elevated to yarn goddess!!

Julie from CA

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