Small Catastrophe in Dye Room

Posted by Caroline Hershey

I always assumed that if I had a disaster with my dyes, it would be because I knocked over a bottle of the dye solution, which really would be a disaster. But, as the case may be, it came in the form of my side-swiping a supposedly closed jar of dye powder only to find the lid not on tightly. Blue powder descended onto a box of 20 some cans of cat food, down the front of a wooden washboard, several assorted containers and finally hitting the floor.

Thankfully I had my mask on or I would be sneezing blue. YUK! I turned an afternoon of peaceful dyeing into a horrendous clean-up detail.  That was not fun. Still trying to find the lesson in that one – maybe be more careful, double check, etc, etc.  The next day proved to be much more satisfying in the dye room.

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