Pony Swim 2012

Posted by Caroline Hershey

 Bright and early Monday morning the two herds are brought together.

After the northern herd is brought down the beach, they join the southern herd in one corral. Cute isn’t he?

The herd all together waiting for vet check.

Another beautiful foal.

The stallions have words until they sort out their bands.

Snack time!

On Wednesday, the saltwater cowboys gather the ponies across the marsh heading for the water.

Here they go! Swimming across the Assateague Bay to Pony Swim Lane.

The first foal arriving on dry lane is the prize in their raffle and called King or Queen Neptune.

The ponies after resting are driven down Main St to the Carnival grounds where the foals will be sold the following morning.

The ponies look calm probably a little tired after the swim but once at the corral at the Carnival they are fed hay, find their babies and rest.

Some of the foals are beautiful.

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  1. Marylou Hobbs Says:

    Great shots ! I hope it was not too hot this year. I was in Scandinavia on a tour while you were taking pics. Several of our tour group asked me about the pony penning. I’ll forward your great shots to them. I hope to be down there to see you-all sometime before too long.

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