No Longer a Scarf Shape

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Sweater BackWith the completion of the back, the Einstein coat has transformed from a long strip of knitting to more of a sweater shape. Clack the cat is still bored with it all! Next comes the left front and then sleeves. The real question is…will it be ready for Sarah’s birthday in October. Nah…don’t think so. Don’t you love the striping of the Noro Kochoran yarn?

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  1. Lorateacher Says:

    Love the yarn. The subtle stripe in muted colors are eyecatching. Are you stitching as you go or seaming at the end?

  2. Caroline Hershey Says:

    Actually, the only seam is along the top of the sleeves. Knitting in sequence: first the long strip for the bottom, then you pick up and knit the right front, pick up and knit the back, pick up and knit the left front and finally pick up and knit the sleeves. Working on the left fromt now. The yarn really makes it special.

  3. Mary Leach Says:

    I just love the “No Longer a Scarf”…the yarn is beautiful. Did you design the pattern or where did you get it from? Thanks!

  4. Caroline Hershey Says:

    No, sorry, I didn’t design it. It’s from the Sally Melville book, The Knit Stitch. One of my favorite books. The yarn is Noro Kochoran, one of my favorite yarns. I had hoped to have the sweater finished for my daughter’s birthday, but… Now on the sleeves. Will post a photo of progress soon.

  5. Mary Leach Says:

    Caroline, Thanks for replying. I will be anxious to see your next photo of the sweater. I love Noro yarns and am going to check out the Kochoran… and the book. Good luck on the sleeves.

  6. Kelly Bruton Says:

    Caroline, just found the blog! Have been eying the Einstein coat and am thinking of making the largest child size for myself…Love seeing how this one is progressing, the color is beautiful!!

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