Nasty Critters those Moths!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Avoid moth damage with TLC

All those lovely hand knit sweaters and scarves. You don’t want those ruined, I know. So, what to do when you need to store them? First off, make sure they are clean. One little dot of ketchup, or your favorite drink or whatever, acts like a homing beacon to moths. So, wash those garments. I have found my favorite to be Meadows Wool Wash which comes lavendar or cedar scented. The scents don’t kill moths or even repel them. They just do a good job of confusing moths, letting your stash of wool sweaters be a secret because all they smell is lavendar or cedar. And then after it is clean and dry, nicely scented, store them in those giant zippered bags. I get the 2.5 gallon size which will take a hefty winter sweater or several smaller ones. Squeeze the air out, zip it closed and put it away for the summer.

Better Safe than Sorry

Throw that bag of roving you just couldn’t pass up, that ball of yarn with unknown history, any suspect  ball of yarn (hey! did that bug just come out of my yarn???) into your freezer for 3-5 days to make sure that all is taken care of. A stay of 3-5 days in a chest freezer (not your refrigerator freezer) will kill a moth in any stage of development from larva to winged creature. So don’t take chances with the unknown, throw it in your freezer. Many a time Dan has come grumbling back from the freezer saying there is more yarn in there than food.  If a customer returns yarn to the shop, it’s the smart thing to do, because I don’t know the circumstances it has been kept under.

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