Mistakes to Make You Howl

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Don’t look back on the past year to your knitting mistakes or they will make you howl if you are anything like me. The latest is – have you ever been cooking on a pattern, just flying along because, hey you know this pattern now, no problem. And all of sudden your stitches at the end of the row come up short. Back and forth across the row. Where is it, where is it??? And the light finally dawns (of course after you have counted and re-knitted several times) you forgot that, yes, you have an edging of two stitches, and the first two stitches of the pattern are k2, so you guessed it, just moved right into the pattern counting the edge stitches as pattern. UGH! Should put in edge markers also as well as life lines.


The class will be a shawl, Whisper of Waves. The design is one that was inspired by the pattern the waves leave in the sand. See all about the class by clicking on the quilt festival logo above.

Snow then fog here on the Island has made for an interesting couple of weeks. We went out to the beach this week and found it in a fog bank. This is riding along the short causeway near the beach, Swan Cove on the left and oyster castles on the right. You can barely see the duck blind that is out in water.


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