Making Candy and Knitting Socks

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Doesn’t sound like it will work but last night had great results. That’s overlooking the fact that the candy boiled over one time. UGH! But knitted on the socks as I hovered over the stove which took 1-2 hours. Then poured it out onto the counter top for cooling, then kneaded the candy until it became CANDY! I think the kneading was good therapy for the hands after knitting for so long. Trying to make opera fudge which Dan introduced me to in Lancaster PA of course. Today he tasted it, and whether he was being kind or not, said he would have to have them side by side to tell the difference. Isn’t he sweet. But it sure made for a lot of knitting. Will I get all 6 pair done by Christmas? We’ll see. (Hope this sock recipient doesn’t mind fraternal socks.)


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  1. Nancy Says:

    Both the candy and the socks look great.
    (Caroline, can you change my email in whatever place or places you have emails?)

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Thank you! Very, very prompt! I received it yesterday.

Austin, TX

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