Lovely Gina Yarn

Posted by Caroline Hershey

This is really a workhorse of a yarn, from side to side vests, to shawls (think Bermuda shawl), to felted slippers, to hats. It’s self-striping characteristic reminds you of other yarns we’ve always looked to for this type of patterning. This hat is knitted side to side using short rows. If you haven’t mastered short rows, you’ll definitely know how to make them once you finish the Gina hat. A free pattern found on the Plymouth yarns web site.


The glossy ibis in all their beautiful colors are back on Assateague Island. I was bemoaning the fact that I hadn’t seen many white ibis at all, and driving down our drive one morning spied a white ibis pecking around in our neighbors field. Can never tell where things will pop up.


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The yarn I ordered over the net has arrived safely today. I am delighted with the colours & can hardly wait to get knitting. Last year when I was in Germany I purchased some of the Regia brand & was wondering how I would get some more until I found your website.Thank you again for your efficient service.


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