Knitting Disconnect

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Or, what the ER can do to your knitting.

These little socks out of Step yarn that I was knitting for my grandson went with me to the emergency room when Dan fell off the ladder and then to the orthopedic offices and naaman-socks1through surgery waiting rooms. So, needless to say, it was some mindless knitting. So I finally focused on it one day and thought, what in the world did I do?!!!  AWK! Forgot to continue the rib down on the foot. So I got these little socks that look like balloons. BLAH!  The thought of ripping out the heels made me hold my head. But all is not lost. Sooooo…I dropped the stitches back and reworked them as purl stitches. Working the two socks at once on Addi Turbos is great and it did not take long to rework them and I am much happier not ripping out. naaman-socks2Here they are finished on his feet, 5 seconds before, “thanks Grandma” and they are ripped off his feet as he heads to play somewhere else. That kind of ripping is acceptable, almost. Oh yeah, fraternal socks don’t bother me at all. :)

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