Knitting Cast On Major Problem

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Problem Solver

With a great gnashing of teeth, you have cast on 99% of your 200+ stitches for a shawl, and guess what? You don’t have enough yarn in the long tail to cast on the rest of the stitches. Well isn’t that pleasant? Yank it out and start over and if you do that, you’re sure to overcompensate and have yards and yards of yarn too much.

Well, how about trying this method the next time. Using two balls of your yarn, or perhaps pull from the inside and outside of a single ball of yarn, make a slip knit as you normally would only using the two yarns held together. Cast on using the yarn coming from one ball ( or center pull on single ball) as the long tail, and the other ball as your active yarn ball.pleased sheep

Cast on one extra stitch, because when you knit the first row, you will pull the slip knot out. Cast on your stitches without danger of running out of yarn. At the end of your cast on, snip yarn from one ball and there you have a neat cast on with a lot less headache.

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