Knitters’ Nightmare

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Or, what has that cat been up to overnight???

Knitting laying out on the couch overnight. Plus one roaming, bored cat. Equals a disaster in the making.¬† And of course the knitting is one with beading. It’s amazing how she can nonchalantly be walking past the couch, and one paw will shoot out to snag the needle off the cushion. Wooden ones are her favorite. Morning found me on hands and knees searching. Found one needle with the knitting half pulled off. No¬†second needle. With aid of flash light discovered it under the couch, her favorite spot to store goodies. And this is silk yarn. Give me a break Click. They can look so innocent in the morning. “Did I do that?”

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Received the skeins. Again nice doing business with you.

Palisades Park, NJ

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