Knit Knight vs Three Dog Night?

Posted by Caroline Hershey

What in the world does “three dog night” and Knit Knight have to do with each other? Not much that’s for sure, except we were talking about “the dog days of summer” the other evening at Knit Knight, while knitting socks and other goodies. No one knew where the phase had come from, so I had to look it up and of course three dog night came up too. “The dog days of summer” refers to the hottest, most sultry days of summer from mid August into September. Certainly true here in Virginia.

It originated with the Romans who were referring to Sirius, the Dog Star, so named because it is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major (which is Latin for “Big Dog”). The hottest days of summer happened to coincide with the seasonal ascendancy of Sirius as the brightest star in the heavens, and the Romans believed that it was the added heat of the Dog Star which caused their hot and humid weather. Not to be confused with “three dog night” which came from the Australian Aboriginal custom of sleeping with a dog for warmth on a cold night – a three dog night would be very cold. So now you know. Probably TMI. But we happily knitted on, finishing socks this summer, some felted bags, a sweater, learning lots of new techniques and tips from each other. A fun time. Join us on Thursday evenings from 6-8.

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