Knit Knight Revisited

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Just wanted to share photos from our last Knit Knight on the farm. Our daughter Sarah and her two children were there also. ann-naaman1 Ann was kind enough to show Naaman how a spinning wheel works. Hope her wheel survived!  

Baby Caroline quickly found her favorite toy – the buttons! caroline-buttons1
YIKES! Maybe the cookie will distract her.



michelle-shawl Michelle’s beautiful shawl she finished and we loved it. Gorgeous from alpaca yarn if I remember right.


Gerry was finishing up a lovely summer sweater for herself (which really pleased her that it was for herself for a change :)


knotsKnots which seemed hopeless when she arrived, disappeared with a little help from friends. Hey! Did you finish that sweater Susan? I want to see a photo of it please.

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  1. Michelle Ehrich Says:

    Thank you for posting the pictures, Caroline! The shawl is alpaca, and I got a nice shawl pin at Fall Fiber, so I wear it a lot. Hope all is going well with you in DE, and that Dan is healing up!

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Thank you! Very, very prompt! I received it yesterday.

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