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Posted by Caroline Hershey

Well rounded knitters have many interest.
Here’s to prove the point:

One of the discussions at Knit Knight revolved around pasta, homemade pasta specifically. Laura let the conversation circle around and around and then surprised us all by admitting that she used to make it all the time. Now, after we grilled her on what kind, how many and all that good stuff, she had had enough of our drooling, hungry looks, and proceeded to offer to cook us a dish with her homemade pasta. Well…we jumped on it and soon had the date and what everyone else was bringing because this meant a MEAL, right?

To make a long story short, Laura made her pasta and created for us a delicious lasagna. Other delights ranged from homemade bread, to quiche, a lovely salad to make us feel healthy and a very English trifle. All Yummy!

Recently, our Christmas party led to an investigation of a pattern found in the new Malabrigo book #4 for a cowl using the Rasta yarn. It’s a fast knit, guaranteed as Jackie sat and knitted it while chatting.

 Then, what to do with it?

Shirley offered to be the guinea pig so we pulled it on her.
Looks good on but what a strange critter it is to knit with its drop stitches and gigantic holes they create.
We had lots of delicious food once again. Do you see a continuing thread here – knitting, food, food, knitting?

What a wonderful time we have at our weekely gatherings – Thursdays from 6-8. Come and join in!

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