It Might As Well Be Fifty!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Who would have thought that driving 8 miles would make a body so grouchy! Our one grocery store on the Island closed a week ago after months of poorly stocked shelves.¬† Now we drive to the grocery store off Island, just 8 miles away, but when you are used to the convenience of practically walking to the store, it feels like 50. We have been spoiled haven’t we? Besides, driving across the causeway you are treated to wondrous sights – laughing gulls and their raucous carrying on, black backed stilts strutting along the mud flats, the gorgeous colors of the waters, newly forming islands¬† in the channels. And I could go on, but you can see what impatient people we have become when we can complain about driving under those conditions.




We took a break to help our daughter, Melissa, work with her bee hives and take honey off. Does it make you salivate?





The camera strayed a little to capture one of their llamas, Cusco, enjoying the day.

And of course, I didn’t include the photo of Melissa’s brother with an ice pack on his nose where a bee got revenge for being disturbed! :0

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