Island Time

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Island time? Should it be named a new time zone? No not really,  just a slower way of life and one we are becoming accustomed to quickly. Relish life one minute at a time.

Our daughter Sarah and husband Ben are expecting their third any day now with time dragging it seems. We are sure they are anxious to have the baby put in it’s appearance. Grandma is knitting away on THE baby blanket which has been,  for all the previous 5 grandbabies, out of cashmere which makes a simply luscious blanket. It’s amazingly strong as evidenced by the “Linus” blanket pose it has assumed for all of them. Baby Caroline has been the roughest of any of them, worrying hers by sticking little fingers through the lace holes. Grandma has become known as Grandma Fix-It because she watches me mend the holes and return it ready for abuse once again. Lesson learned though, forget the lace. This one has NO yarn overs. Simply knit and purl with a diamond design.

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The yarn I ordered over the net has arrived safely today. I am delighted with the colours & can hardly wait to get knitting. Last year when I was in Germany I purchased some of the Regia brand & was wondering how I would get some more until I found your website.Thank you again for your efficient service.


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