Posted by Caroline Hershey

Are you hunched over your knitting?

One morning I was knitting on the cute baby sunhat below, and realized I was not only leaning forward but also hunched over my knitting. Granted it was 100% cotton yarn, not my favorite thing to knit with but…I proceeded to straighten up and talk about pfor-catherineain. So, I am very aware of my posture now and do some of these exercises when knitting for long stretches of time. How’s your posture? Do yourself a favor and do some stretches now and then. Knitting Daily had some quick exercises for you in this article. Here’s that cute lil sunhat I was making for a friend’s granddaughter. The crocheted draw string keeps it adjustable allowing for growth for quite some time.




What is this ugly thing walking across our backyard? A giant snapping turtle! There must be a purpose for these, right?


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