Fingerless Mittens

Posted by Caroline Hershey


Fingerless MittensFingerless mittens are the project doing battle with the Einstein Coat right now. I knit these two at a time in the magic loop way. I was working on these the other evening and Dan looked over and said, “Socks?” And I said, “No, mittens.” Shaking his head he said, “Next it will be two sweaters at one time.” Now, doesn’t that give pause to consider all the possibilities?

Knitting Two at One Time

Two mittens on one needleUse the magic loop (knitting on one long needle) to do all your circular knitting. Double points have not touched these mittens. I even do the thumb by way of magic loop. And of course two at one time. Can you tell I’m not very patient? After discovering I can do socks two at a time, there’s not going back.

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  1. Debbie Says:

    What pattern are you using for the mitts? I just cast off my 24th pair of Maine Morning Mitts and all 48 mitts were made one at a time — but at least I DO magic loop them! Now you tell me I could have been doing them two at a time. Something to think about for the 25th pair!
    Happy Holidays to you and Dan!

  2. caroline Says:

    Go to the Knitting at KNoon website and it is a free pattern. I did make some changes. I like ribbed cuff, so changed that on the follow-up pairs and ribbed over fingers for close fit. Can’t believe you have done so many mittens, Debbie. Were they all this year for presents?

  3. Debbie Says:

    Yes, they were all presents. I made myself a pair of Fetchings, but all the MMM were gifted, to my immediate family after Christmas last year and to my coworkers, other family and friends this year. I just kept a pair on the needles at all times during the year, so it wasn’t too much of a push in December. However, at the last minute I decided I should use a different yarn for one coworker, and that pair about killed me! THEN I decided to use the leftover yarn from each pair to make a mini-mitten tree ornament for each recipient. Now those I really should have double, triple or even quadruple knitted at the same time! Can you see all those little balls of yarn hanging off my Addis??

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you are my saviours. this is the second time you have saved my crazy knitter's inspiration so you are elevated to yarn goddess!!

Julie from CA

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