Fingerless Mittens

Posted by Caroline Hershey

After knitting 26 or more autumn leaves for the KnitXperience Retreat, I had a ton of odds and ends left over of the Silk Garden DK yarn because I wanted each one to be a different mittenscolor so I pulled the balls all apart to get to the colors I wanted. Needless to say I had a mess (which our cat Click loves) and I really did want to do something with the remains. I needed a pair of fingerless mittens for myself and voila, got one done and on to the next one. (The drawback being the nasty number of ends I had to secure at the end.)

I used this pattern I found on the internet (scroll down on the right side of her blog), changed it a little because I didn’t want the flip top and wanted my thumb to have some air. Other than that, I knitted it the same. I tell you, this is the easiest pattern for mittens. Try it out. And if you’re striping in the ribbing, don’t forget the neat trick when you change colors, to knit that first row with the new color to avoid the color change bumps. Oh yes, the magic loops is grand for this!

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Thank you! Very, very prompt! I received it yesterday.

Austin, TX

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