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We sold the farm and the sheep, parted with our llamas and guard dog, and took up residence on a very small portion of Chincoteague Island. You would think that all the farming would be far behind us, but I believe the saying is you can take the farmer off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the farmer, or something like that. 

I always loved our garden on the farm with fresh veggies all summer long. Well, Dan has planted the herb garden right off the deck, complete with dill and I am in seventh heaven. On the farm, I always had to trudge to the garden for it. And now when I ask if the garden is full, he says, “for today.” And if he thinks of something else to plant, out comes the rototiller and another strip of the back yarn knuckles under.

So now we have blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, sugar peas, sugar snap peas, green beans, and I don’t think that’s all. Oh, and these bamboo teepees went up, they’re about 20 feet tall, and I’m like, what in the world? and it’s for the pole beans, of course. I think there’s a height limit on the Island, dear. At least it will give the neightbors something to talk about. He says no corn as we just go down the street to the best market and get the most scrumptious corn on the cob we’ve ever tasted. Every now and then I remind him that we need space for a play set for the grandchildren. Oh, and did I mention there’s a peach tree planted in the middle of it?

But anticipation is three-quarters of it. Look at the blooms on these peas.  Now, are they the hull peas, sugar snap peas, sugar peas? Who cares! Can’t wait!

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Arrived. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

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