Einstein Altogether

Posted by Caroline Hershey


Yes, I did do it. Finished the Einstein coat/sweater for Sarah to take back to Philly with her. Turned out very nice if I do say so myself. Only thing not pleased with completely are the buttons and may have to find some others to replace them. It took 7 skeins of the Noro Kochoran yarn. I made it shorter than what the Sally Melville pattern in the Knit Stitch called for because I didn’t really want a coat length, that is when I was planning on wearing it. Ahem! Definitely a fun sweater to knit, to keep one in progress for when you’re traveling and need mindless knitting. Barbara at KnitXperience showed off her lovely Einstein coat, a full coat. Outstanding!

After knitting what seemed like non-stop on this sweater and a bunch of fingerless mitts for Christmas presents, i decided my hands needed a rest. That lasted about 6 hours max, until the hands and needles were going again. How about you? Did you get worn out knitting Christmas gifts or are you still going strong?

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  1. Mary Leach Says:


    Congratulations for finishing the Einstein sweater. It is beautiful! Hope your holidays were joyous.


  2. Debbie Says:

    Caroline — the coat/sweater is beautiful! It is inspiring me to undertake a coat of some description before Spring gets here and I don’t want to touch wool for a while!
    In answer to your question, yes, I got burned out on Christmas gifts, and in fact I still have one promised cowl to go (not exactly a gift, but promised when everyone else in the room had unwrapped a handknit item while she was holding a piece of her silverware!) Have to say, I wanted to set fire to my copy of the Maine Morning Mitts pattern after making 20+ pairs in 2008, so I tried a different (cabled!) pattern for the first pair of 2009 — and, I started a list for my “New Year selfish knitting”. I’m happy to say I’m about 3/8 done on the first item, a Nomad hat and scarf for me! Next up, finally, that sweater from CF yarn — I think I’ve had the yarn in the stash since November of 2005!

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