Dyeing Yarn

Posted by Caroline Hershey

New adventure along with horrror story

I am trying my hand at dyeing yarns and have had some really lovely successes. Having to set up a place to do the dyeing so that I don’t fear I am poisoning the household as well as making sure whatever I am putting into the septic system is really nothing more than water has all been a challenge. Our dinners haven’t turned blue or green or red so that’s a success. And the water from the exhaust is clear so no bad dye molecules floating around. pH will have to be investigated but a little soda in the water brings it to neutral easily.

It seems like on the Island, colors have hit me at every turn so this is a labor of love. Names like Assateague Shadows, Spring Marsh, Conch Beauty, and others hopefully conjure up images of the Island. Of course I did immediately name oneĀ  Wallops Island – reds and blacks – looks like the lauch to me! What fun.

Oh, that horror story. All but one of the ties on one skein slipped off in the initial stageof dyeing and true to the novice dyer that I am, said oh, no problem, I’ll be careful. Well 24 hours later, lots of frustration, and scissors within reach, my dear husband, who rescues me a lot, took pity on me and untangled the mass of knots. It was bad, really bad. Took him hours. So, lesson learned!

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