Did you go to the NY Sheep & Wool Festival?

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Our one complaint

for the show is that we do not get to visit with people. We are so busy that nothing much can be exchanged but a “hi” and a “thank you”. On Sunday we were able to zip out here and there and purchase some Christmas gifts but other than that, gobbling down a piece of fruit was the extent of activities other than manning the sales table. Of course from the buisness end, that’s wonderful. But maybe a day just for vendors to walk around and see what’s there?

I did get to talk to the folks at the Greener Shades booth about their dyes. Has anyone used them? Would love to hear of anyone’s experience with it.

This is extremely busy time of year especially with the birth of our new granddaughter, Madeline Ruth. It was most inconvenient of her to put in her appearance this past week. So, we are off to see her and the rest of the family this week.

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