DelMarva Fox Squirrel

Posted by Caroline Hershey

With the threat of rain (hurray) we decided to take a walk out on the refuge before breakfast this morning. We felt like the walk was complete, when we were able to spot the eagle beside its nest and then in flight heading for its breakfast.

Our walk ended with  several funnies. The Delmarva Fox Squirrel is a sight to behold. It is large, extremely soft appearing, like you would want to wear it around your neck (anyone spin those fibers?). Most of the time it stays on the ground or near to it because of it’s size, certainly not leaping and running about trees as we were used to grey squirrels. We spotted it up in one of the trees munching on new twigs and when moving from one new smorgasbord to another, it would be dangling by one foot, scrambling to gain purchase on a branch. What a hoot. But he was unperturbed and continued with his snacks.

 Doesn’t he look soft and cuddly? I’m sure he has sharp teeth and long claws.

The totally funny sight was found on our return to the parking lot. Lashed to the back of someone’s bike was none other than a squirrel (stuffed of course!)

Made me forget how starved I was. Have a great weekend!

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