Could It Be?

Posted by Caroline Hershey

We went out to the beach early before opening the shop and made two discoveries. first was the ocean was beautiful but rough!


And then our second discovery was…could it possibly be…


a berm or makings of a dune? This photo is taken from the parking lot looking toward the ocean. Earth moving trucks were bringing in loads of sand while others were grading it into what looks like a berm. What do you think? I am excited that the parking lots might be protected this winter but also my cynical self is looking for the hidden motive. But excitement is winning!

We’ll be heading to the NY Sheep & Wool Festival next week and it takes a lot to get us all together to go. Consequently the shop will be closed from Oct 13th -21st. Might we see you in Rhinebeck?


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Arrived. I'm very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

Mt. Pleasant, MI

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