Closet Occupiers?

Posted by Caroline Hershey

How many of your knitting projects have taken up residence in a closet or other out of the way, out of sight location? Sad to say I probably have more than the usual knitter since I am always starting a project to show how this or that yarn knits up.
A case in point. I wanted a short sleeve cardigan out of our Chincoteague Colors fingering wt so I chose Raiun which you can find on Ravelry. I love the design elements (I mean the ones the designer put in, not me!). “The ribbed neckband elegantly streams down the fronts and wraps around the body to provide a flattering slim line across the back.” that’s from the pattern write-up which enticed me. But as you can see from the photo, I haven’t gotten very far. It’s top down casting on left & right sides to work raglans.  And I have the wrong number of stitches so my raglans are not working out.  Looks weird doesn’t it?
This will have to be taken up again once we return from the Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA next week. That means ripping. ARGGGHH!

On to more pleasant topics, a finished project! Quaker Yarn stretcher using Souk from Cascade yarns. It’s a silk blend yarn with long color changes.
I never thought snow would become a four letter work. But, we’ve had our fill here as has most of the country. We’re taking a breather from all of it looking forward to some incredibly warm temps the end of the week. But be forewarned, it is historically true, a proven fact, that either coming or going to the quilt festival EVERY year, it snows! So don’t think it’s over yet!

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The yarn I ordered over the net has arrived safely today. I am delighted with the colours & can hardly wait to get knitting. Last year when I was in Germany I purchased some of the Regia brand & was wondering how I would get some more until I found your website.Thank you again for your efficient service.


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