Knit for a Cure

Posted by Caroline Hershey

“Egg-stra” Special Sock Kit

Benefitting Ovarian Cancer Research


The sock kits have arrived and we plan to have a Knit Along in the shop beginning in September on Tuesday mornings knitting through the socks. The kit includes one ball of specially dyed Trekking yarn, pattern, beads. You definitely will want to be a part of this. The KAL begins Septembem 21.

SoXperience 2010 Registration Information Posted

Posted by Caroline Hershey

SoXperience is ready!

All the workshops are lined up, the Island Motor Inn on Chincoteague Island is ready for us, and boy are we ready for spring after this last blizzard. Thankfully we did not lose power this time. Our grandaughter Jaina’s school did have the roof collapse on part of it. Wonder what they will do? All schools in the area are closed until Tuesday of next week and there is a state of emergency issued so no one is to be on the roads. The size of the equipment that is being used to clear the roads keeps getting bigger and bigger. Dan said the last plow which went through must have been from the forest service for pulling logs. Gigantic! that was two days ago and the roads are closed once again.  Soooo…. Looking forward to the Spring Garden & Flower show in April which will be the same weekend in April as our SoXperience. To find all the information about SoXperience just go to that link on our website.

SoXperience 2010

Posted by Caroline Hershey

SoXperience 2010 on Chincoteague Island, VA

SoXperience is in the works for this year and will be held on Chincoteague Island, VA on April 10-11th. Even though we are not settled in our new shop on the Island, we have rented a conference room overlooking the bay at one of the hotels and will hold this year’s event there. Wendy Johnson of Wendy Knits is graciously allowing us to use one of her sock patterns, called the Seaweed Sock (how appropriate!) for one of our workshops. Please check back for details and registration information. It will be a great weekend full of info, techinical tips, and plain good fun.

Megaboots Stretch Sock Yarns

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Sock Yarns with Stretch are the Best!megaboots-ball

I love working with this Megaboots yarn. The stretch in the yarn makes it fit perfectly on ankles and the rest of your foot. And who would have thought that this ball of yarn………………. would turn out this sock???megaboots-sock Usually I work two socks at one time on the addi turbo needles using the magic loop method but for some reason I only cast on for one sock. BLAH! I hate doing the second sock! But I do like working with this yarn so it shouldn’t be too hard.

If you would like to try out the Megaboots yarn, it is our featured product until the end of Feb. which means you will receive a special price on it. It is normally $16/ball (only takes one ball for a pair of socks) and as our featured product, the price is $12/ball. To receive this price simply enter the word – megaboots – in the coupon code box on your shopping cart. We know you will enjoy knitting and wearing socks with this yarn.

Knitting Disconnect

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Or, what the ER can do to your knitting.

These little socks out of Step yarn that I was knitting for my grandson went with me to the emergency room when Dan fell off the ladder and then to the orthopedic offices and naaman-socks1through surgery waiting rooms. So, needless to say, it was some mindless knitting. So I finally focused on it one day and thought, what in the world did I do?!!!  AWK! Forgot to continue the rib down on the foot. So I got these little socks that look like balloons. BLAH!  The thought of ripping out the heels made me hold my head. But all is not lost. Sooooo…I dropped the stitches back and reworked them as purl stitches. Working the two socks at once on Addi Turbos is great and it did not take long to rework them and I am much happier not ripping out. naaman-socks2Here they are finished on his feet, 5 seconds before, “thanks Grandma” and they are ripped off his feet as he heads to play somewhere else. That kind of ripping is acceptable, almost. Oh yeah, fraternal socks don’t bother me at all. :)

Sport Socks

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Fixation yarn

is one of those yarns that’s been around for a long time, lots and lots of colors, and not many people know of it for some reason. It is a cotton yarn with a little elastic in it which makes it great for socks for great fit. I’ve seen patterns for tank tops and even one for a thong, a man’s thong no less. Ewwwww! Sorry, doesn’t appeal.
Sport SockI thought it was time I made some socks from the Fixation and made this sport pair with a rolled down cuff, one for mom and one for the baby. And of course using the Magic Loop method. So, after working through the socks, thought that others might like this pattern, especially with warmer weather coming. We made up the kit with Fixation yarn and pattern, called Sporty Pair, available in the shop. Check it out! 


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