Hats, Hats, Hats

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Beads and Whales?

Hats seem to be what’s flowing off my needles lately. Cooler weather is coming and my grandson, Naaman, confided in me that the hat I knitted him last year has a hole in it. Well, I think grandma can take care of that although these two that I just completed won’t do for him at all.

This is a beaded hat using a Cabin Fever pattern and Frog Tree Meriboo. This yarn has become so popular, anyone who squeezes a ball is in love immediately. We have the kit available complete with beads (although you don’t have to bead it if you don’t want) on our kits page which is soon to be uploaded to the website.

Then there’s the Whale of a Tail hat which is too cute. Also a Cabin Fever pattern and this time I used Colour 4 You yarn which has great colorways in solids and plains. That little whale tail on the top is perfect for the tiny babies, maybe this will go over better than the blanket with our little Joshua. We will have the whale hat kit available on our kits page this week also.

Warm wools in just a beanie hat design are what the college kids want just to pull down over their ears. Who am I kidding, they want to pull it down over their hair on bad hair days! When winter comes, our family looks forward to discovering them tucked away to pull them on in Philly, towns in Delaware and here on the beaches when the cold hits.

Diamond Baby Blanket

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Reversible Moss Stitch Blanket


Finished grandbaby Joshua’s baby blanket and presented it to him this past weekend. He was a little unsure to definitely “get this away from me.” Grandma would be absolutely crushed if I hadn’t had to mend baby Caroline’s blanket because it is carried

every place she goes and I’m hoping that cashmere is truly a hearty fiber and lasts and lasts and lasts. You can find the pattern for this Moss Stitch Diamonds Baby Blanket on the internet as a free pattern. It is easy and the completed blanket is lovely if I do say so myself (not asking Joshua until he’s a little older.) :)

Baby Cocoons

Posted by Caroline Hershey


I found “George” in our grandson’s baby cocoon taking a break from being the favorite toy. The baby cocoons were quick to knit out of Supersoft Aran using it  double stranded and the grandchildren liked them although baby Caroline, being the Imelda of hats, had to give it a try as head gear straightaway. What fun!

New Grandbaby!

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Our new grandbaby, Joshua, was born to daughter Sarah and husband Ben yesterday. All are doing well and baby Caroline and big brother, Naaman are enthralled at the moment with the tiny little baby. Guess I’ll have to stop calling baby Caroline, baby. Grandma Fix-it hasn’t completed Joshua’s blanket yet so must get busy. Took a side trip knitting some baby cocoons for Caroline and Naaman’s dolls so they could cuddle theirs too like mommy.

Island Time

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Island time? Should it be named a new time zone? No not really,  just a slower way of life and one we are becoming accustomed to quickly. Relish life one minute at a time.

Our daughter Sarah and husband Ben are expecting their third any day now with time dragging it seems. We are sure they are anxious to have the baby put in it’s appearance. Grandma is knitting away on THE baby blanket which has been,  for all the previous 5 grandbabies, out of cashmere which makes a simply luscious blanket. It’s amazingly strong as evidenced by the “Linus” blanket pose it has assumed for all of them. Baby Caroline has been the roughest of any of them, worrying hers by sticking little fingers through the lace holes. Grandma has become known as Grandma Fix-It because she watches me mend the holes and return it ready for abuse once again. Lesson learned though, forget the lace. This one has NO yarn overs. Simply knit and purl with a diamond design.

SoXperience 2010 Registration Information Posted

Posted by Caroline Hershey

SoXperience is ready!

All the workshops are lined up, the Island Motor Inn on Chincoteague Island is ready for us, and boy are we ready for spring after this last blizzard. Thankfully we did not lose power this time. Our grandaughter Jaina’s school did have the roof collapse on part of it. Wonder what they will do? All schools in the area are closed until Tuesday of next week and there is a state of emergency issued so no one is to be on the roads. The size of the equipment that is being used to clear the roads keeps getting bigger and bigger. Dan said the last plow which went through must have been from the forest service for pulling logs. Gigantic! that was two days ago and the roads are closed once again.  Soooo…. Looking forward to the Spring Garden & Flower show in April which will be the same weekend in April as our SoXperience. To find all the information about SoXperience just go to that link on our website.

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The yarn I ordered over the net has arrived safely today. I am delighted with the colours & can hardly wait to get knitting. Last year when I was in Germany I purchased some of the Regia brand & was wondering how I would get some more until I found your website.Thank you again for your efficient service.


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