Cars and Knitting

Posted by Caroline Hershey

or where did my needle go???

Have you ever been traveling along, minding your own business, knitting away, and all of a sudden your knitting needle slips out of your knitting and disappears into the underworld between the seats? The question is…does it end up under the seat, in the engine, on the road or just into a land occupied by lose change , emory boards and anything else that slips from your fingers? On that occasion I am happy to report that Dan swerved to the side of the road (in response to my screech) and rooted the neeedle out before it had joined all the other debris. Happiness prevailed.

And now I am looking forward, not really, to a trip back to Charlottesville for a heel doctor’s appointment for Dan. Looking forward to it because he is able to drive a little now so I can once again blissfully knit the miles away. You can’t imagine how the last few months have cut into my knitting time because I have had to do all the driving. Not nice. But we are almost at the point where, when I ask, “want me to drive” he says, “no, you’re knitting, that’s fine.” Oh happy day!

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Received the skeins. Again nice doing business with you.

Palisades Park, NJ

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