Can You Spin Peach Fuzz

Posted by Caroline Hershey

Talk about random thoughts as you’re peeling, canning peaches. Deep in the second bushel, my mind must have been going a little haywire! Sorta like seeing the toad on the steps to our root cellar and thinking of Frog and Toad Together tales we read to our children. Boy, I do hope this freezing and canning is over with soon, so I can get back to knitting. But first things first! My sweaters, and knitting projects will not spoil whereas peaches will really fuzz but even though it’s longer, I don’t think you could spin that either. Now dog hair is another story. Susan at Knit Knight was saying how she spun some Samoyed dog hair to give to a Samoyed rescue project, but wasn’t pleased with her results. Knowing Susan, she was being a little hard on herself, and it is probably lovely.

I had been searching for the perfect pattern to use with one of our yarns, playing with different scenarios while peeling and canning, do I make it top down, vest, sweater, side to side. Finally settled on a vest pattern that is knit side to side and have one row cast on. Those peaches again. But this is the crochet cast on so you have to review it a little every time you use it. You use this particular cast on in this instance, so that both the cast on and bind off edges look the same. Sally Melville uses it in her Einstein coat. Will show the technique in a later post, if you’re interested.

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